DDJ/MC Dani V. | American/Thai DDJ & MC


Dani V. American/Thai DDJ & MC

Bilingual(American and Thai) Professional Digital Disc Jockey (DDJ) and Master of Ceremonies (MC) services for parties, weddings, and company events. Dani V. was raised in New York City, where colors, places, music, and people play off of each other, forming the city’s world-renowned and infinitely interesting cacophony of cultures. Living and working in Thailand after many years spent on the other end of the world has added spice, international experience, and always a cheery disposition to Dani V.’s never dull life story. Through the many cultures, countries, people, skills, and events that have passed through his life, music has always been the backdrop to it all and, as a professional DJ, his goal is ways to share that with others and make sure the music plays in tune with their corporate and private events. Dani V. is always dedicated to making your events, whether personal or professional, memorable and pleasant for everyone in attendance. This bilingual Thai-American DJ leaves nothing to chance, making sure that the venue, guests, and sounds blend into one perfect, timely, entertaining composition.

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